Trauma Care


The team of doctor and paramedics at Hargun Hospital have long experience in dealing with trauma patients. All kind of trauma victims including road side accidents, industrial accidents, agricultural accidents and domestic accidents get prompt and expert care on 24*7 bases.

Hospital gets a good number of poly trauma patients with complex injuries . the hospital has dedicated emergency department where trained staff is working around the cloclk to receive and take care of trauma victims.

Services of multiple specialties including othropedic surgery. Microvascular surgery, neuro surgery, general surgery extra are available under one roof so that the multiply injured person is given expert care as per his/her requirements.


  • Round the clock senior doctors for the best emergency care
  • High-end intensive care ambulance service
  • 24-hour laboratory and radiology services
  • Infection free ICUs and operation theatres
  • High end equipment including best in class ventilators
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